Create the life you want in 7 effective steps

The online course “Create the life you want in 7 effective steps” is all about you! About your life!

About taking responsibility (step 1) for your life and about what you really want (step 2) in and from your life. It’s about setting your goals (step 3) and how you can use your past (step 4) as a spring-board for your future (step 5). It’s also you who is going to focus 100% on the changes you want to make (step 6) and it’s you who takes positive action (step 7).

With our course you can do all this whenever you want and wherever you want. Step by step you really CreateThyLife, the life you want!

Is your life absolutely superb, or are there things you want to change, but somehow you don’t?

Are you steering your life in the direction you want to go, or are you living your life on the automatic pilot?

Imagine you’re 80 years old: Have you realised all the dreams and visions you had when you were 20 or have you given up on them?

We can promise you one thing: If you always keep thinking and doing things the same way, you will always get the same output…and we can promise you another thing:

Our training “Create the life you want in 7 effective steps” will be a life changer for you!

When you have completed this training:

  • You will take responsibility and in doing so you will change things in your life for the better
  • You will know what drives you and how to take positive action
  • You will broaden your view and so create more options to get where you want to go
  • You will communicate more effectively and that will result in reaching the goals you set for your life
  • You will make the influence of your past a positive one, a spring-board for your future
  • You will be more focused, flexible and balanced which results in a happier and more successful life
  • You can use what you have learned for the rest of your life

You will learn this with:

  • Easy to understand videos
    High quality content created by experienced trainers in the field of self-development and communication.
  • Effective exercises
    Exercises that make sure you internalise your newly acquired knowledge and are ready to use it in real life, in your life!
  • Personal Tasks
    Step by step you will apply the acquired knowledge in your life, making this course a tailor-made one for you, for your life.
  • A 50 page workbook
    You will use the workbook for your personal process and progress, step by step.
  • Change supporting activities
    Activities in which our trainers guide you through processes that will help you to remove your anxieties and limiting decisions. This way your past will be a positive one, a spring-board for your future.

Our online training offers a discussion platform where you can share knowledge with other students.
In addition, we also provide email support and for people that sign up for the platinum  package als phone support is included.


  • How this course will change your life (FREE Access)

Create The Foundation To Change

  • Introduction
  • Personal Workbook
  • How we perceive the world
  • Exercise: How we perceive the world
  • Rules for success
  • Exercise: Rules for success
  • Conscious vs unconscious mind
  • Exercise: Conscious vs unconscious mind
  • Learning stages & wheel of life

Step 1 – Take 100% Responsibility

  • Why take responsibility
  • Responsibility & influence
  • Move to the cause side
  • Great example
  • Exercise: Take responsibility
  • Task: Listen to others
  • Task: Listen to yourself
  • Task: Take responsibility
  • Task: Increase your area of influence

Step 2 – What’s Important To You

  • Determine your passion
  • Determine your vision
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Introduction to values
  • How to find your values
  • Introduction to eliciting your values
  • Exercise: Passion, vision & values
  • Task: Elicit your values related to romance
  • Task: Elicit your values related to work
  • Task: Elicit your values related to family
  • Task: Elicit your values related to personal development
  • Task: Elicit your values related to health & fitness
  • Task: Elicit your values related to spirituality

Step 3 – Set Your Goals

  • Introduction to setting your goals
  • States vs goals
  • SMART goals
  • How to write down your goals
  • Exercise: SMART goals
  • Task: Write down your goals

Step 4 – Clean Up Your Past

  • Limiting decisions and anxieties
  • Introduction to timeline techniques
  • Task: Determine your timeline
  • Through-time vs in-time
  • Exercise: Clean up your past
  • Activity: Fly over your timeline
  • Timeline technique to remove limiting decisions
  • Task: Determine your limiting decisions
  • Activity: Remove your limiting decisions
  • Task: Determine your anxieties
  • Timeline technique to remove your anxieties
  • Activity: Remove your anxieties
  • Considerations

Step 5 – Program Your Future

  • Introduction to programming your future
  • Timeline technique to program your goals into the future
  • Activity: Program your goals into the future
  • Considerations

Step 6 – Align Your Thoughts

  • How to align your thoughts
  • Download “Reflection to the contrary”
  • Exercise: Align your thoughts
  • Task: Focus on positive thinking

Step 7 – Take Action

  • Create your life through positive action
  • Focus 100%

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